Who Are We?


INNOVATIVE WATER TREATMENT AND PURIFICATION COMPANY OF TURKEY, ETKI ıs registered ın ızmır and serves for all around Turkey.

Our company is an organisation that has large product and service range in terms of technical support, engineering, projects, filters, water distillation devices and systems and it advances to become a global company..

Etki aims to introduce its high-tech environmentally friendly systems established by expert technicians and designed by engineer team, to Turkish Industry.

Etki has aimed to take part in 5 Strategic Regions throughout Turkey and to be the most reliable water distillation company of Turkey sentimentally and to rank among the 10 biggest companies in Turkey regarding its subject.

Etki is getting together of persons of different qualities with experience, know-how, market and product knowledge and realising dreams.


OUR OBJECTIVE WHILE ESABLISHING ETKİ WATER TREATMENT AND PURIFICATION SYSTEMS ıs to always provıde our customers correct servıce of good qualıty.

Our objective is to change traditional manner of work in our sector, to provide creative, innovative and sustainable positive effect for our customers and different effect for our sector.

Our company is a water distillation company established by people with persons getting together experienced in their own fields and with mutual philosophy.

Etki is the way we convey our total 45-year old sectoral experiences of each of us by mixing them in a mutual point.

The basis of our activities are based on offering product and service of high quality for our customers.


+90 232 375 35 34 (PBX) 7/24 NON-STOP SUPPORT

You can contact with us through our 7/24 non-stop support line no matter where you are in Turkey.

We aim to offer non-stop service of good quality for our valuable customers with our expert engineer and technician staff, large spare part and consumable stock.


Service variety that our company can offer you is classified as TECHNICAL SERVICE, INSTALLATION and MOUNTING, SPARE PART, PROJECT and CONSULTANCY. Out technical team with high experience, is at your disposal to provide technical service for you.




contact information !

Our Contact Information !

129/26 Sokak No3/B 4. Sanayi Sitesi Bornova İZMİR
(+90) 232 375 35 34 (Pbx) Fax (+90) 232 375 35 01
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